4 week pilot training programme

Have an experienced website designer help you create your website for a percentage of the cost of hiring them outright...

All about collaboration and empowering the individual, this is a chance to learn how to use the tools that many top entrepreneurs use.

This training programme is designed to run for four weeks, with one-to-one, two hour training sessions each week and a commitment to carry out 'homework' in between.

This training is right for you if...

• You've hit a wall trying to get something up on your own

• You want the designer look but not the price tag

• You are happy to get your hands dirty

• You want to take control of your online presence and grow your digital presence

• You'd rather collaborate in person, face-to-face, than take an online course which doesn't respond to your individual needs

What's the aim?

• To nail content and site structure

• Create a beautiful and effective website that is easy to manage

• Sort hosting/domain setup

• Learn basic SEO

The details

This training programme will cover website design and build using the Squarespace platform. The four week programme will be tailored to the specific needs of the trainee, so if you're interested, the important thing is to get in touch to talk details and understand if this is suitable.

Pilot rate £400

(The pilot rate does not include the cost of your Squarespace subscription. If new to Squarespace my clients receive 20% off their first year of Squarespace - I do not receive a kick back for this).

Training clients


For additional costs you can add the following;

• Photoshoot

• Social media branding

• Canva templates

The best way to work out what I can do for you is to get in touch to talk through what you need.

Training Sophie

Or book at 1-to-1?

Sometimes the quickest way to trouble shoot or get things licked into shape is via a dedicated one-to-one session. So if you’re not convinced your site is looking it’s best and want a second opinion, book a one-to-one and I’ll give you some pointers and help take it to the next level.

1 hr £55 existing customer

1 hr £70 newbies